[pshaiCmd] Linear Regression TradingView style (linreg)

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  • Linear Regression calculated the same way as TradingView does, using LR_Intercept and LR_Slope types.


    local c = ClosePrices()
    local linreg1 = CC_LinReg(c, 50, 0)
    local linreg2 = CC_LinReg(c, 50, 25)
    local linreg3 = CC_LinReg(c, 50, -25)
    Plot(0, 'linreg1', linreg1, White)
    Plot(0, 'linreg2', linreg2, Orange)
    Plot(0, 'linreg3', linreg3, Purple)
    HaasScript Code
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