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  • This is a short scalper based on a very rough approximation of the following conditions:

    – Open MACD & EMA200 on 5 min timeframe
    – Condition 1: price must trade below EMA200
    – Condition 2: MACD is above 0 line
    – Condition 3: Blue line crosses orange line

    If someone has the time to fully implement all conditions in Code Editor, please post it here after 🙂

    We all need a little help after FTX.

    MA settings should be set to EMA = 200 and SMA =9 (SMA should track price and not be distant)
    MACD Signal should be MacD – Zero Cross

    (Please check the settings screenshot 😉 )

    This bot will not function well in a change of trend. This is a bear market scalper and the weights of the indicators will make it hard for it to produce longs.

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    HaasScript Code
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      Do you think it can be made faster? So that it works on 5 minute chart with multiple positions opened and closed within an hour when possible?
      Apart from the question about this bot, my purpose would be to find a Scalping Bot on 1/5 minute chart, which creates a single position and exits from it based on some data such as EMA 60, EMA 100 and EMA 150, wanting also STC and Trend Trading Strategy.
      I am quite inexperienced so I don’t know if it is feasible and safe as a thing, understanding the risk of this kind of trading.

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