RSI sma ver 6 beta

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  • ** ignore ATR, not being used currently **

    New to scripting 🙂
    Would love some suggestions on how to refactor it

    Im experimenting with multiple take profits and trailing stop-loss, for better risk management.

    I have a fixed amount of 10 Take Profits.
    If anyone can refactor the script to make the number of take profits dynamic (set by a user input) let me know!

    I like it on the 6 hour candle.

    Basic RSI moving average cross-over strategy.
    Will go long when RSI crosses over the ma, short when crosses under.
    The Input “Gaps Between Take Profits” is a percentage.
    The Input “Stop Loss” is a percentage
    The Input “Stop Loss Follow Distance” is NOT a percentage. It follows the take profits when they get hit.
    By default (0), the stop loss stays 2 take profit levels behind. If you set it to 1, it will stay 3 take profit levels behind etc etc.
    This can give you more room for the price to retrace, but increases risk.

    Any feedback welcome
    Thanks for checking it out

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