[HaasBot Utilities] VPM Virtual Position Management: manually adjust positions, prevent anomalies aka “Ghost Orders” in a running HaasBot

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  • Added screenshot of unspecified_price (default 0) closed with VPM ROI will be different..
    Virtual Position Management for adjusting or cleaning running HaasBots virtual positions (busting ghost orders/ghost errors)

    Useful to adjust a position to match the non virtual: real position size (if not 0) on exchange.
    If this has changed manually or otherwise And
    You want to update a running HaasBot to ‘know’.. or ‘forget about it’….

    Clear /clean any residual Virtual Positions and prevent what is sometimes referred to as
    “Ghost Orders” (Limit orders to close what is already gone on exchange opening new ‘ghost’ positions that your script (now considers as closed)) or trade amount errors instead. When you happen to know your script to occasionally gets residual old orders that you want to clear

    This can occur for various reasons in or outside your script: latency, a server reboot or scripts frequently trading multiple ‘Unmanaged’ positions at a time ..
    Forces of nature / acts of god, Murphy’s law etc all can make the virtual not match the ‘real’ [state of a position size if any.]
    If still in doubt remember this for when you’d wish you called ghostbusters/=] or
    typed VPM and included this simple tool for the job:
    To clean what is not there to begin with..
    If you don’t set a price to close a VP, your ROI will be off….
    (It probably can’t hurt to have it in your scripts, for when you would find out you’d love it (*but use at your own discretion.))

    Additional safety measures added: (courtesy of AlexTan)
    To make sure VPM will only execute 1 simulated order
    (Will need to uncheck and save first before additional order can be executed)
    A warning message will come up once the simulated order is executed. Asking to clear input, uncheck box and save.

    Additional info as suggested and disclaimer…
    *we (anyone you deem even remotely related real or imaginary) are not responsible for any real or imaginary losses incurred in any trading not limited to not using or to any script that chooses to include VPM even if it is executed or not.. or deemed useful in past present or future uses….etc.. and..you agree you love this tool in perpetuity in case…….you…..don’t or do download it or find it embedded wherever… …You’re welcome .;)..]]–

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      Heya Kobalt, this one seems not to work – cant import it – please check and update – or note of further issues if on my side

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      bunka’s import was a Firefox thing, somehow it included white space, all should be fine now

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      You should probably describe its purpose. This is very useful but many may have no clue why. Describe what it does and when you would want to.

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