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  • From GPT:

    The [pshaiTool] Buy & Sell buttons script is an advanced trading tool designed to streamline the process of executing buy and sell orders directly from a trading platform interface. Created by pshai, this tool enhances user experience by providing a simplified, high-speed method for managing trading positions, including opening long and short positions, as well as exiting these positions with precision.

    Key Features:
    * Order Customization: Users can specify order size and select from various order size types, such as Base, Quote, % of Total Wallet, or % of Available Wallet, catering to diverse trading strategies and risk management preferences.
    * Advanced Order Types: Supports different order types, including limit orders, with additional settings for maximum slippage in ticks to protect against unfavorable price movements.
    * Position Management: Automatically detects open positions not initiated by the bot, allowing seamless integration and management of user-initiated trades alongside bot activities.
    * Market Compatibility: Adaptable to both spot trading and other market types, ensuring wide applicability across different trading platforms.
    * Price and Amount Calculation: Dynamically calculates the order price and amount based on current market conditions, user preferences, and specific strategy requirements, ensuring optimized order execution.
    * Convenient Interface: Features dedicated buttons for quick actions – opening long (buy) and short (sell) positions, closing long and short positions, and canceling all or specific orders, providing a user-friendly interface for rapid trading decisions.
    * Real-time Reporting: Includes custom reports for long and short positions’ profit and loss (PnL), offering immediate feedback on trading performance and financial outcomes.

    This tool is particularly suitable for traders looking for efficient, automated assistance in managing their trading activities on the fly, combining the flexibility of manual trading with the precision and speed of algorithmic strategies.

    Screenshots available: https://discord.com/channels/269316665483722764/1221141919300583486/1221141919300583486

    HaasScript Code
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