[pshaiBot] Oscillator Scalper (SPOT)

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  • Oscillator Scalper for SPOT markets
    A scalper with a bunch of customization; one out of 3 implemented oscillator and method for how you would like trades to trigger.

    The scalper is a multi-position bot and will monitor all positions individually!

    For gains and minimizing losses, this scalper utilizes fixed TP, fixed SL and TASL to secure some of the achieved profits.

    This scalper can also be set to monitor a so-called “Master Market“, for example BTC/USD(T). This master market is monitored for any possible dumps within set minutes. You are able to define the size and lookback of the dump. For example, if BTC/USD(T) drops 2% within 5 minutes; dump all open positions.

    Required CC’s:
    [pshaiCmd] Input Converted Trade Amount
    [pshaiCmd] Trailing Arm Stop-Loss (TASL)

    HaasScript Code
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    • #2693

      36. 11 Nov 2021 16:14:41 ERROR: Log(): Invalid input count of 2 (only takes 1)

      It throws this error at me, when I start it and or run it through debug

      • #2712

        Hmm, looks like you are running an older version of HTS. I can’t remember the version, but a custom color input was introduced for Log command. You can remove the color inputs from the Log() command calls as well.

        • This reply was modified 3 days, 3 hours ago by pshai.
    • #2694

      A Log error like this is usually because in the updated beta version you can use colours, if you don’t have this, remove the colour after the “ , “ in the Log. Eg. Log(‘foo’, Green) => Log(‘foo’)

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