RelativelyShittyIndicator (description of what exactly is inside below)

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  • ‘Original HaasOnline Real Simple Indicators (3 in one)


    This first new start of the series after RSI+ROC+CMO: SMMAsmoothedMFI + RSI + ROC/3
    + etc are non allowed characters but fortunately other shit is… 😀

    Here many things did and did not go as planned, my enhancement in mind still to ‘achieve’ at later date was to include EasyMFI with delayed buy signal. made that even hacked around the Settings inputs to include my shit*pardon*but didn’t think about how summing a signal with these actual values would be ‘misunderstood’ by the editor and an error on my part.. So hence the temporary dependency: SMMAsmoothedMFI Array
    I even failed at the DelaySignal attempt inside this one in SE at the stage when we have a signal to delay….
    =VERY SHITTY Kobalt! Yes! I agree, still better than nothing .. will do better… Soon…
    From a personal amusing scrap from bear market frustrations to an on the fly replacement used elsewhere
    2 Shit(=dump/short) or not 2 Shit? That is… Entirely up to you my friend!.. Your “relatively shitty investment” might still make a profit!

    Might make this in to a series of Random Selected Indicators to sum
    (they will in secret not be random at all!… but carefully curated before union….)
    thinking: SchaffTrendCycle+TSI and maybe weigh those 2x and add 1x TRIX with appropriate length for SchaffTSICycleTRIXTrend who knows what gold will turn of it.,.

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