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  • Modification of Phsai’s SMM 2.0

    —Camarilla Levels—
    Adding Camarilla levels for dynamic range based in daily, weekly or monthly intervals. When activated bot will only trade between the Third Support and Third Resistance and take action (if selected) at Fourth Support or Fourth Resistance.
    More about Camarilla

    —Balance Management—
    As usual with my script, you have to enter the amount you allocated for bot to work a.k.a Trading Balance. With this bot has new stop loss trigger which is Balance Ratio. This is the default SL type with default value 1 which means if Working Balance (Used balance for positions + position PNL ) is >= Trading Balance then all positions will be closed. If you set it to 0.8 then SL will triggered when working balance is 80% of trading balance.
    For backtest there is an option to stop when the Balance Ration SL triggered.
    The profit is not compounded into Trading Balance but if the wallet balance is < trading balance then you will get a notification in the log about it and bot will use the wallet balance for Balance Ratio. It is better to enter trading balance lower than wallet balance to give some room (loss).

    —Order at New Candle Open—
    Pay attention to the Order Timeout. Orders will be place on candle close (or new candle open) in this interval and will be cancelled if not filled within the forming candle. For example, if you set it to 60 then bot will be placing order at new 1H candle and will cancel it if it is not filled within 1 hour. If the order is canceled by % value then new one will be placed at the next candle.

    —FIX 1.0—
    1. Fixing position ID. The mistake causing miscalculation in balance usage.
    2. Fixing time interval misconfiguration for Camarilla and giving more options.
    3. Adding position entry plot to better visualize the trades in back test.

    May the profits be with you!
    More questions ? Find me in Haasonline Discord.

    If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee or diamond:
    ENS: smokyho.eth
    Lightning: [email protected]

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