Smokybot MK2

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  • — This bot is optimized for HEDGE mode.
    — Suggested main interval is 15 minutes and 1 hour for momentum or ratio 1:4 or 1:6.
    — Using 1:1 time interval also works. Who knows might give your better profit.
    — Always start with ALL Trade Settings options UN-TICKED to let the bot preparing values.
    — Test with default values before changing anything to understand the bot.
    — PAY ATTENTION to the log warning if you feel something is off before screaming the bot is not working.
    — Do your own test. Testing is time consuming but also rewarding.

    Short descriptions:
    1. Net Balance = Trading balance entry + realized bot PNL + unrealized bot positions PNL
    2. Stop at loss = Stop the bot when Net Balance at certain % loss value.
    3. Stop at profit = Stop the bot when Net Balance at certain % profit value.
    4. Derisking = Reducing the size of position. Kind of stop loss.
    5. Trading Balance = Part of total wallet balance allocated for bot to trade.

    There are 2 ways to use this bot.
    1. Not using derisking feature.
    For this you will never have a realized loss. Bot will keep counter trade while also trading the trend if you do HEDGE mode. You need large value in Balance Divider to hold the position from Balance Ratio reduction.

    2. Using derisking feature.
    Counter trade position will be reduce to the extend being closed depends on your Size Reduction setting and price movement. Bot will have realized loss.

    Every trading pair needs different setting. Even if you find a good setting there is a chance that setting is not working in long term. This is why i put loss limit and profit limit.
    Here is a tip if you are using derisking:
    1. Have a profit limit in mind. For example 10%. Then you
    2. Do 4 weeks backtest with profit limit 10% and derisking ON and find a setting that can achieve it in the shortest time.

    Then run it. When bot reach the profit limit, it will stop. Clean the bot, then start again. Repeat.
    With this you set aside the profit from each run. If you want to compound you can add some of it to Trading balance. In other word, manual compounding.

    Hope this bot helps.
    May the profits be with you!

    HaasScript Code
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    • #3180

      “Then run it. When bot reach the profit limit, it will stop. Clean the bot, then start again. Repeat.”

      Is there any command to add make it clean and start and repeat again ?

      • #3186

        thank you for using my bot1
        Yes the clean after profit should be automatic but it is not because unfortunately there is no command to clean the bot. I am already have something in mind as work around but still testing other things. I will add this into the next version.

    • #3193

      Edit: solved

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