Smokybot RS MK1 (Remote Signal)

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  • First of all, make sure you know how to create signal from other website. For example this is a tutorial made by the excellent Haasonline Team on how to create signal from Trading View

    – Bot has 3 signal entries. The 1st one is the primary and mandatory entry. It “read” Entry, Exit, and Custom Signal (SignalReservedA). You can use all 3 or just one.
    – The decision for entry is unanimous. Supertrend can be added for additional signal (personally i use this).
    – For Exit Position bot has 3 options. Risk Reward system (on by default), SignalExit from Signal 1 (if you set the alert for it in TradingView) or % scalping (if you set it up in the bot).
    – Do you love Heikin Ashi candle? . There is an option to use is as base of the chart. Just make sure that the indicators also calculated based on Heikin Ashi.

    Worry my young padawan do not. Advantage of this bot you still can take. Yrsssss.

    As described earlier the Signal 1 accept Custom Signal (SignalReservedA). Bot will read this as “open position”. Long or short? This is where supertrend come in. if it happens when it’s uptrend, then it’s long.
    So if you are sending Custom Signal make sure to enable Supertrend filter or else bot will open both position
    when it comes. Unless if that is what you want.

    Fortunately there is an indicator other than alerting to open position it is also a Machine Learning classification algorithm capable of categorizing historical data from a multi-dimensional feature space (according to the desription).
    You can find it here

    How to do it:
    1. Add that indicator into your TradingView chart.
    2. Add new alerts in TradingView and pick “Lorentzian…” in condition.
    3. Choose ” Open Position” on the drawdown below it.
    4. For trigger i usually use Once Per Bar Close for more confirmation. Read more the difference in their docs.
    5. Set expired to maximum.
    6. Click on Notifications tab
    7. In the Webhook URL paste the link from Haasonline Signal Details email under Custom signal 1.
    8. Create the alarm.

    Nope. You can’t backtest Remote Signal BUT Haasonline log signal received from TradingView. So you can backtest it later in the future after Haasonline server collected some of the signals.
    Assuming you understand PineScript then you can mod the script you like to become trading strategy.

    Fortunately, again, someone already have done Lorentzian script trading strategy. You can find it here.
    So play with the setting on that strategy script, find something you like then apply it on the original script that sending alert and hope the best.

    May the profits be with you!
    More questions ? Find me in Haasonline Discord.

    If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee or diamond:
    ENS: smokyho.eth

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      Hey ! Thank you so much for these customization diamonds!
      I am a young padawan who recently boarded the boat and I am truly honored to use your tool
      This may give me the independent power to learn Python and Lua code and perhaps customize the MK3 with my own full indicator, but for now I’m really happy to be able to export any signal from the bot and test the good things I have I would like to use for the rest of the journey ! glad to meet you

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