Smokybot MK4

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  • Hi guys…thank you for everyone who use my previous bots and everyone who inspired me with their snippets and sharing their knowledge in DIscord.

    So..version 4 now.
    The basic trading risk management is the same as MK3. Still using balance risk to determine the order size with some additions/improvements.

    Now let’s jump to NEW features:
    1. Easy replaceable indicators.
    You can easily use any indicators as many as you like! By default it has 3 entries but you can add as many as you like. All you need to do is go to line 170 and do a little modification there (somehow i can’t upload screenshots).

    2. Auto adjustment for exchange limits.
    To avoid order rejected because over size or above exchange’s trading rule MK4 has entry where you have to (if you want to) enter the exchange limits. More about it in the Discord post.

    If you enter the limits parameter (position limit and order limit) then bot will always check the risk based calculated size against it and make adjustments to make sure the size sent to exchange is within limit.
    You will be notified in the log if this happen and then you can decide to lower the leverage to gain more limits or just let it run which makes it like ProfitHodl feature.
    Remember, more risk more profit, less risk less profit.

    3. Multiple TP Logic
    Like MK3 you can use RR for TP. Risking $5 for potential getting $10 at TP means 2RR.
    You can trail you profit but unlike MK3 the trailing now based on RR or TDST (from TD Sequential).
    Another option is using price change % if you just want to scalp or have fixed % TP level.

    That is the main thing in MK4. There are some small changes/updates/improvements which going to be too long to explain here (assuming i remember it).

    Have fun with it and may the profits be with you!

    More questions ? Find me in Haasonline Discord.
    If you would like to buy me a cup of coffee or diamond:
    ENS: smokyho.eth

    HaasScript Code
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      Same all of the time Greatness !

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      Thank you for sharing. Ive returned after years and seen its all on Cloud now which is pretty cool.
      Will report back once I figure it out

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      Hi. I cant find the ref to CC_All_BF_Markets Script anywhere =/

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